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Subject: PC Interrupts
From: Geoffrey J. Swenson
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 05:36:17 +0100

Having just upgraded my computer from a Classic 150
to a quite-fast AMD K6 233, (It's about 2x-3x faster)
I experienced the usual plug and pray nonsense, problems
with my modem (if the Zip-drive SCSI card was in the system) and so on.

I thought that it would be of interest to both the
Flash List and CDUG that the solution was NOT a new
SCSI card, but replacing the ISA Sound card I had in
my system with a PCI version. I suppose that a (more
than $100-buck) PCI scsi card would have worked also, but it seems a
waste for running just
a zip drive or a scanner.

It not only sounds a bit better (it has some 3-d effects that
improve the ambience and the perceived bass). And it cost only
$44 even with WA sales tax.

(and the old card was OK, it was a Turtle Beach), but I also have one
free interrupt (for com 1 & 3) that I didn't have before (my mouse
is now on the mouse port, IRQ 12).

So those of you wanting to add Wacom tablets may consider
this a good way to gain some reliability and extra interrupts.

This will be happening more with other devices for Wintel systems. PCI
is the way to go.

The mac people may find this a waste of time (and it really is, it
should be easier) but I've got a reliable and very fast system now.

Geoffrey J. Swenson
technoGRAPHIC Solutions
geoffreyatnwlink [dot] com

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