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Subject: Re: FLASH: Moving flash logo test
From: Marc Braun
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 22:36:50 +0100

At 02:14 PM 4/30/99 -0700, you wrote:
>At 09:08 AM 4/30/99 -0700, you wrote:
>>Can you please check out the logo at
>>http://www.siaction.com/e and tell me what you think
>>about it

Okay, here goes. I've been watching this flash stuff for a while and we
are starting to create sites for our clients using flash. One thing I have
found, with many sites created with flash, is they are done to show off
what flash can do and that's it. I believe it is easy to lose site of what
it is we are creating for our clients. While it is necessary to grab the
attention of people visiting our client's sites it is also important to
keep them there and to offer them something of value. It is something we
are struggling with internally. How far do you take a flash site and not
lose touch with reality;i.e. do moving stars and suns that go in and out
really do anything for the clients site besides becoming a distraction? I
hate sites that give me a "loading" message and maybe a minute later I
finally see something. I take the time and wait, but only because I am
doing a lot of flash research. If I was someone surfing looking for
information I wouldn't give these sites more then 10-15 sections to start
showing me something that tells me I want to stay. I bet if you do some
research you would find that to be true with many people.

So, I believe, the true value of flash is it's ability to work with vector
animations and graphics to help design sites that actually load faster with
functionality that works if I am going to keep coming back to a site for
more information. Just my opinion but would be interested to hear if
others feel the same way?

Marc Braun

Braun Photography
"The Solutions' People"
Digital Photography Specialist
New Media Specialists

330-666-4501 (fax)

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