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Subject: FLASH: Re: OT: Flashkiller
From: Daniel Brown
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 20:51:25 +0100

>> Good points, but the theory behind it is flawed.
>> Live motion does provide for some cool effects and does makes some things
>> easier to do, but in doing so it very often takes you into bitmap land, and
>> hence huge file sizes. Livemotion was not made with the way the web is now
>> in mind, period. Flash was, again, period. Flash has a better way of
>> organizing the objects you use (the library, and no Adobe's isn't the same
>> if you are wondering), Flash includes the ability to look at the stats for
>> each SWF you make, and Flash has the bandwidth profiler which is by far one
>> of the most powerful and cool tools for making something "web ready" that I
>> have ever seen.

Likewise, LiveMotion using the Active Export Preview function allows you to
see the output file format (raster vs. vector) as well as the compression on
an image, and the final size of the object and the entire frame. Upon
output, we also generate a report summarizing the data in the file. (size of
frames, object names, etc.)

Note that this function may not have been connected in the public beta.

> Hi Branden,
> I love using Flash and agree with all you say. But not all my output goes
> to web, so it's not entirely relevant. Obviously, as I get more experience
> with LM I'll find where it works and where it doesn't. My point is simply
> to use a little ingenuity to develop your OWN production processes, and
> keep your mind open as to what tools might help you out. What's flawed
> about that theory?
> From what I can see right now, LM looks to be a nice addition to the
> toolbox. Opinions will be formed and clarified through experience.


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