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Subject: Re: FLASH:swf in Quick Time Player
From: Bryan Rieger
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 22:30:17 +0100

Hello Ilia,

QuickTime 4.1+ currently only supports Flash 3 layers.
When you publish your 'swf' file from Flash make sure you select the Flash 3
export settings. Apple is currently working on integrating Flash 4 layers
into the next major release of QuickTime...not soon enough if you ask me.

Anyway, fields and variables are not supported under Flash 3.
Most of the ActionScript goes out the window also, streaming audio files -
out they go (you can stream audio in QuickTime, just not via the swf file).
Basically your reduced to using simple 'Tell Target', 'Stop', 'Play', 'Go to
frame', and audio contained within the swf file.

Sorry the news isn't better, hopefully Apple sees their way to integrating
Flash 4 and releasing a new version of QuickTime soon.



on 4/28/00 4:55 PM, ilia pasymansky at iliap75athotmail [dot] com wrote:

> Hi!
> Is this is a known things that:
> In Quick Time Player
> 1.Text fields are not displayed..?
> 2.Load movie command is not working
> 3.Sound is not playing....
> (on both Mac, PC)
> Movie playing OK in browser and SWF player
> Any sujestions??
> Thanks
> Ilia

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  FLASH:swf in Quick Time Player, ilia pasymansky

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