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Subject: Re: FLASH: real-time oscilliscope
From: Helen Triolo
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 02:58:09 +0100

Pete Grant wrote:
> > You can't... you can not get any information about the current music data
> > being processed in flash. There are simply no built in functions to handle
> > this sort of thing.
> I wonder would it work if you put Flash in a Director Shockwave container
> and used a Director Xtra (if one exists--something like BuddyAPI) to poll
> the status of the sound and pass it to Director which would in turn pass it
> to Flash?
Or create it in After Effects (I saw them do exactly what you
describe--create a waveform of the audio track--in just a few steps, at
an Adobe presentation), export it as say a mov file (if you can do that
from AfterEffects), and then import it to Flash? I've no idea if that
would create a reasonably sized file or something that could be easily
imported into Flash--just thinking out loud...

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  RE: FLASH: real-time oscilliscope, Pete Grant

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