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Subject: FLASH: Re: Not WebSafe colour in Flash on Windows ? = Solution
From: Mats Persson
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 11:28:00 +0100

London, Sunday, April 30, 2000, at 10:26 am


You are truly wonderful !!! Top Ace !!

Your response helped me solve the problem, which was quite simple once I
knew - thanks to you - what the problem was.

#999999 on the PC should be #A0A0A0 and then everything looks 'great'. That
is, the HTML page colour should be set to that, whereas the .swf can remain
the same.

Now I just have to do a Mac vs PC javascript redirect (= easy) and all is

That's the second - if not third - time you've saved my day. I owe you big
time. just drop me a line if I can assist with anything !


To JD, Marcus and Jason,

JD - Maybe this info could form part of a TechNote on the support site ?? or
even a "bug" report ??

Marcus - Many thanks, but there was no discernible difference between the

Jason - (and everyone else) full URL coming soon as SiteCheck. Watch this


> my "eyedropper" from http://eyedropper.inetia.com/ and have these results:

Yet another reason for me to straddle the divide and go Win. Just waiting
for my 'paycheck', coming soon I hope !?


matsatimediatec [dot] co [dot] uk

> From: "Cheri Harder" <chericaathome [dot] com>
> Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 13:35:49 -0700
> Subject: Re: FLASH: Not WebSafe colour in Flash on Windows ???
> Hi, Mats. I just did some experimentation with this (Windows 98 here) with
> my "eyedropper" from http://eyedropper.inetia.com/ and have these results:
> The HTML page with #999999 as a background reports in the eyedropper at
> 152-152-152 RGB, where the Flash background (or fill) picking 152-152-152
> reports as 160-160-160. Actually, when in the development environment, a
> fill of 152-152-152 reports as two-colors...every other pixel is 104-104-104
> and 160-160-160.
> As for "why" I have no clue. But there is a recognizable difference on
> here.
> ~~~~Cheri Harder~~~~~
> charderatawsolution [dot] com

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  Re: FLASH: Not WebSafe colour in Flash o, Cheri Harder

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