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Subject: FLASH: javascript for open window help please
From: Phil Ward
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 22:32:24 +0100

Hi All,

I am trying to open a new browser window with specific properties and size,
I can do this using based upon the Colin Moock script,
ml which works fine for all except IE 3.0 (PC only), IE 2.0, IE 4.5 (Mac
only) as Colin states.

Has anyone managed to get a work around for Mac users or should I just
target a new window with _blank to be on the safe side?

Is it possible to have a custom properties pop up for all users except IE
Mac and at the same time specify that if its a MAC IE browser to just use a
target of _blank.

Any help or pointers to tutorials would be great help.



Phil Ward
Crescent Graphics

phil-watcrescent-graphics [dot] co [dot] uk
New Media <> Internet <> Visuals

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