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Subject: Re: FLASH: What is Afterburner?
From: John Dowdell
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 21:49:33 +0100

>> Someone mentioned something called Afterburner in reference to
>> checking for flash.

They probably meant "Aftershock". This was the utility used in Flash 2 and
3 to write various types of HTML and JavaScript.

Today you have the extensible "Publish" options in Flash 4. Aftershock is
no longer needed in Flash 4. You can add your own HTML/JS templates for
precisely the type of output you prefer.

(Afterburner was a standalone compression utility for Director 4 and 5. It
was replaced by the "Save as Shockwave" menu item in Director 6. Director
still uses Aftershock 2.5 to generate HTML and JavaScript. Dreamweaver can
also configure OBJECT/EMBED tags and does some rudimentary browser
detection. If using Adobe's GoLive for your Flash work, please be sure to
paste in Flash's own HTML and JavaScript rather than assigning a simple
"plugin" tag in GoLive.)


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