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Subject: Re: FLASH: g4s, Flash and ATI graphics
From: Frederico
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 22:26:26 +0100

On 8/31/1999 2:22 PM, Mike Yrabedra via bigkahunaatmacsurfshop [dot] com, said:

>The OS isn't changing, just the hardware. There shouldn't be a problem.

Actually, by the time Sawtooth ships (Yikes! is shipping first), all new
G4s will be using OS9.0, and the few G4s that will ship with OS8, should
actually be OS 8.6.1 (Borg), so I wouldn't rule out a minor problem with
Flash (as it seems especially prone to display issues).

However, I'd suggest that any ATI driver issues that might crop up will
be ironed out *very* quickly this time around, as Apple will stand for no
bad press for it's Intel Killer.

Inside buzz is that ATI is so far behind delivering the newest prosumer
cards to all platform markets because Apple has them committed to
resolving all the issues with the new digital display and AGP cards
*before* shipping. Imagine that. ( I hate ATI).

So, please don't blame Apple for you previous driver woes with Flash, it
was on ATI's plate the whole time.


Yikes! It's Here! Do you Gigaflop? We do it up to 4 times. . .

. . .and Sawtooth is still on it's way. . .

Think Altivec. Think G4. Think Power. Think Different.

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