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Subject: FLASH: creating a dynamic layout based on content pulled from a database
From: victor vina
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 11:59:45 +0100

I'm trying to decide the right platform to create a news and cultural events
web-site running on flash. (not clear yet if generator should be used).

the goal is to create a dynamic layout that will change depending on the
information requested and the personal profile of the user.
this means there will be a basic grid containing modules. this modules will
read text from a database (probably SQL) and will modify the layout
depending on the amount of information to be shown. this means the same
objects in the database can be displayed with different levels of detail.

my questions are:
- what's the best way to communicate with the database? in this case the
content is only updated once a week. Is generator the best option to build
the templates and maintain the site?

-is it possible through some scripting to change the layout of the template
depending on variables coming from: a-user profile, b-amount of information,
c- type of information. there are some simple rules already specified about
the way this layout should be composed, but it's not clear the way this
rules should be implemented into flash.

-should all the layout be generated by the same flash movie, or does it make
more sense to have a modular approach where a main movie calls smaller
movies for each one of the modules in the layout that will request text
themselves to the database?

I would appreciate any pointers, tips or suggestions about any projects
dealing with the same kind of issues.


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