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Subject: Re: FLASH: setting a variable from the location of an instance
From: Helen Triolo
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 13:03:33 +0100

Sounds like

Set Variable "loc_y" = GetProperty ("/movie",_y)
Set Property ("/base", Y Position) = loc_y

would work, if your mouse-follower's instance name is movie (or use
"/mouse_pos" if the instance name is mouse_pos -- I couldn't tell for
sure from what you wrote), and both movieclips are sitting on the main
timeline. You just need to get the path right, using "/" to reference
the main timeline, followed by the instance name (not the symbol name).
It's also helpful to create viewable textfields of things like loc_y to
see if variables are being set as you expect (but maybe you already did
that to get your mouse follower working).

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Ben Houghton wrote:
> I've set up a draggable movie clip called mouse_pos, instance name; movie
> which follows the mouse around the screen. I have to do this in order to
> retrieve the mouse coordinates. Fine. But now I want to set another
> movieclip to move with it/towards it (eventually).
> So I made a movie clip (called; moving_base instancename; base) in a lower
> layer and tried to make a frame script to set the coordinates of this new
> clip to track those of the mouse_pos instance, something like this;
> Set Variable "loc_y" = GetProperty (mouse_pos,_y) // see note below
> Set Property ("/menu_base/base", Y Position) = loc_y

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  FLASH: setting a variable from the locat, Ben Houghton

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