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Subject: Re: FLASH: Swift 3D
From: James Poulakos
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 14:49:32 +0100

At 08:16 AM 8/31/00 -0500, Chris Rhoades wrote:
>Does anyone have any favorable or unfavorable opinions about Swift 3d? Is
>it the best/easiest to use vector 3d rendering/modeling software out there
>for the price? Is it worth $139 for what you can get out of it? Just
>trying to find out the meaning of life this morning and thought you guys
>could help. Thanks in advance for all the insights!
>Chris Rhoades
>Whitestone Consulting
>rhoadeschrisathome [dot] com

Funny you should ask. I just now clicked SEND on the following, to another
Flash users' list:

Having seen a few mentions of Swift3D here, I must tell you that I was very
disappointed with the product. I found it only useful for the simplest logo
animations, and even for those, there is little one can do to alter a
timeline of moves once they're made--simpler to start from scratch. And
forget about characters walking, or anything that has moving parts. S3D is
a spinning logo creator.

At the Macromedia booth at SIGGRAPH, I saw a great demo about importing 3D
into Flash 5, and we were shown 3DS MAX-compatible software that was to be
distributed free, for the sake of content creation in the Flash platform.
There were plenty of competitors offering similar web experiences of 3D
objects, but the Macromedia solution looked best, for users of MAX, anyway.
Now that you've mentioned it, I'm going to check out Macro's web site for

If you haven't heard of this, hang on and keep an eye out before you spring
for plugins and software to get 3D into Flash. The demo we were shown was
simple, with crease-free workflow and excellent 3D results. I'd rather have
that than the kludgy experience of Swift3D, I'm sorry to say.

S3D is version 1, still, so I suppose they may well pull it out of the fire
with improvements to the next version. I find it
a very weak package, not suited to animators.

PS: Chris, to this I'd add that it's not worth $100 to me. It's a crude
tool, lacking in basic and useful 3D tools. It is obviously meant for no
more than spinning logos.

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