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Subject: RE: FLASH: Radio Combo buttons
From: EchoDotCom
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 15:39:06 +0100

Sorry in the interest of saving time I cut and pasted the loop code from the
question eMail, now in looking at it again, I noticed the line " Loop
While (Counter<1)" and I just felt I should point out that this really
should be " Loop While (Counter<I)" so Maxx if this is directly from
you code, you may want to look at that?


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Subject: RE: FLASH: Radio Combo buttons

I am not sure if anyone has answered this yet, but I can tell you what I do

the action for my radio buttons look something like this.

on (release)
set variable "../:this" = _name
set variable "../:action" = "radioClick" <- this is for if there is more
then one action possible in the timeline holding the mc
tell target ("../")
Call ("action")
end tell target

in the frame "action" it goes soemthing like this

if action eq "radioClick"
Set Variable: "Counter" = 0
Loop While (Counter<1)
if this ne "radio"&counter

Begin Tell Target ("radio"&counter)
Go to and Stop ("radio stop")
End Tell Target
end if
Set Variable: "Counter" = counter+1
End Loop
end if

basically it tells the action to look to see if the radioButton it is
currently changing is in fact the one that was clicked...

i think this may answer your Q?


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