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Subject: Re: FLASH: Transparent background possible?
From: Randy Kato
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 18:00:51 +0100

The transparent background only works in IE (4+ I think), and it requires a
"Transparent Windowless" Window Mode setting in the HTML tab of your publish
settings...or just the code in the Object/Embed tags.

Going back to the original post, you *can* get the background to line up if you put
it in Flash...I've done it with other things like Java applets and such and it does
work across browsers/platforms. It's just a matter of taking away all the
browser-dependent variables in the browser window. For Example, set MARGINHEIGHT=0
MARGINWIDTH=0 LEFTMARGIN=0 TOPMARGIN=0, then use a table and spacer GIFs to
precisely position the SWF.


Martin Kalda wrote:

> From: "Arlette Hanania" <arletteatqatar-info [dot] com>
> > > I remember someone discussing this before, but I can't remember the
> > > answer. Rather than a color, can you have the Flash background stage be
> a
> > > transparency? A friend wants the Flash to play in a cell on a page that
> > > has a background tiled image. If you put the image in the movie stage,
> it
> > > won't align with the tiling of the window frame..
> > Well yes it is possible. from the flash menu choose window-colors then at
> > the solid tab choose new and simple make the alpha = 0 then click change
> > button. now you need to choose modify-movie and at the background choose
> > your new color (it will show just grids and no color in it). now you have
> a
> > transparent background.
> But if I export this movie to swf, background will not be transparent. Try
> it and you will see!

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