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Subject: FLASH: tell target problem
From: Anthony Faust
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 19:27:28 +0100

hey flashers,

I'm having trouble with movie clips. I want to rollover a button and have it
go to a frame in a movie clip but i'm having trouble because the button in
embedded in an MC and i can't get the path right

here's the setup...

the button is in Graphic 1 that is embedded in MC 1 that is embedded in MC 2
that is embedded in MC 3

MC 3 is on the stage in layer 1. MC 4 is on the stage in layer 2. When a
person rolls over the button, I want it to go to frame 5 in MC 4.

I've tried these paths but they don't work....



I know it isn't difficult but it's a matter of getting the path right. Can
anyone help me?


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