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Subject: Re: FLASH: Internet Clock - Mac users with IE!!
From: John Dowdell
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 19:36:26 +0100


-- If you're trying to get the system date and time in a SWF, then asking
the local computer requires asking the browser, and not all browsers will
talk with plugins:
o IE/Mac does not use LiveConnect or ActiveX Scripting, so no
FSCommand, and no setVariable from JavaScript.
o Some implementations recommend a "javascript:" protocol URL, but
although most browser support such an URL from JavaScript, not all do from
o In Netscape browsers you need Java enabled, need to name the object,
and need to set the swLiveConnect attribute for incoming requests.
o In IE/Win you need VBScript to catch messages from ActiveX Controls.
o (IE5/Mac can tell JavaScript which plugins it has, but it still won't
pass messages between JavaScript and plugins.)

-- Another approach is to have JavaScript construct the OBJECT/EMBED tags
via document.write functions, dynamically passing in the local computer's
time as variables in the HTML... technote #14253 has examples of
variable-passing, but you'd need to be comfortable with document.write JS

-- You can always ask across the net for the time... your server can have
a CGI routine which passes back URL-encoded time in request to a
LoadVariables request.

-- The Macromedia Flash Player 5 does include an internal JavaScript-style
"date" object, and this is very flexible in manipulating the computer's
local time without requiring any communication with the browser.


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