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Subject: FLASH: why is this not working?
From: Kalin Mintchev
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 16:58:47 +0100

hi all
The problem is:
movie with draggable object called moo;
frame 1 on a leyer called actions has this in it:
moo_x = getProperty ("/moo", _x );
moo_y = getProperty ("/moo", _y );
frame one on a leyer called coordinates has a movie in it with 2 frames:
first frame:
poo = /:moo_x;
loo = /:moo_y;
and second frame:
gotoAndPlay (1);
poo and moo are text fields where the coordinates (x and y) of the moo -
the draggble movie - are displayd (and updated constantly).
Problem: works fine in for Control/Test movie doesn't work at all putting
it into an html page.
this is done in F5.
please help

thank you.

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  Odp: FLASH: why is this not working?, axel

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