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Subject: Re: FLASH: Where to find decent music loops
From: Karin Christensen
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 17:28:27 +0100

I always check out the bargain software at my local Best Buy. I have
a very cool CD that has about 200 music pieces in all different
categories. Some run around a minute, others less and they are very
well done. They are royalty free, the license says that you are
allowed to use one per project if distributed. The CD cost me around
5 bucks. I also have 3 or 4 sound effect CD's that didn't cost much
more that I have picked up over the last year or so giving me well
over 3,000 sound effects to choose from.

> Hi everyone,
> Where can I find high quality, royalty free music loops that don't
all sound
> like the usual techno drumbeat sh*t?
> Specifically, I would like to find a slow piano, ballad-like tune,
but I'm
> also interested to see if anybody has found any good resources in
> for music loops (or sound effects).
> I don't mind paying out for a CD or downloads, as long as I know
that I will
> be getting a good variety of sounds/genres. (Preferably in aif
> Thanks in advance,

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  FLASH: Where to find decent music loops, david sloss

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