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Subject: Re: FLASH: random question
From: julie gargan
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 23:32:59 +0100

> I am trying to get an actions script to work where, when the user clicks on
> button it makes a movie clip go to a random frame. The movie clip (which is
> 12 frames long) starts out with a blank frame, so I don't want it to ever go
> to that frame. I thought that by putting the random number as 11 + 1 it
> would never end up on the first frame, since if it came up with 1 it would
> add one and make it two.... this is how I have the code:
> Go to and Stop (random (11) + 1)
> Unfortunately, sometimes it still brings up the blank frame. What am I
> doing wrong?
> thanks,
> julie

never mind.... I forgot about 0. silly me.

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