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Subject: Re: FLASH: Swift 3D - Cinema 4D
From: John Mortensen
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 23:57:07 +0100

on 8/31/00 8:13 AM, Thorvald Neumann at neumannattse-online [dot] de wrote:

> I prefer Cinema 4D XL. There is also a smaller package available which
> has quite enough functions for general web development, it is called
> Cinema 4D GO, it costs around 350 German Marks (~175 USD). Visit
> www.maxon.de for further information (they have an American website,
> too).

I have used Cinema 4D for quite some time and it is great! Does anyone know
if there is a swf plug-in for Cinema 4D?


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  Re: FLASH: Swift 3D, Thorvald Neumann

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