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Subject: RE: FLASH: DW2 and Flash: Dragging Layers
From: Gorka Cort�zar
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 16:59:33 GMT

>Sorry it is a dhtml browser implementation problem, at this time layers
>plug-ins, will always appear on top. Bummer huh,

That is not exactly todd. Internet Explorer can use some ActiveX in the way
that jim want use it (including flash). Netscape cant do it, with the
exception of the real-time 3D engines (like cosmo player), because its
render machines redraw itself over anything in the screen, including other

Badly, the IE implementation have some bugs. I detect one with the selectins
boxes in HTML. The selection box is a reltime draw piece of the IE, and
flash is too. If the box is over Flash, it crash IE 4 and 5 in win 95 and

Zorionak eta Urte Berri On
(merry x-mas and happy new year)

Gorka Cortazar
Merlin Interactive Systems
Caracas - Venezuela

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