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Subject: RE: FLASH: BMP or JPG
From: Rick Turoczy
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 17:27:20 GMT


It's been my experience that moving, fading, or even inserting ANY image
will increase your file sizes severely. But, I love seeing it done well.

I've always had the best "quality" from importing uncompressed formats
like bitmaps. Flash compresses these images for export anyway, so you're
still getting some file reduction. As you said, only one level of
compression is taking place. That's why you get the quality.

I've always had the best "speed" and files sizes from already compressed
images, but the quality is not so good. Obviously, it's a compressed
image being compressed again, so you get some fun archiving and

So, my vote is usually for bitmap. I also recommend setting export
compression settings on an image by image basis. The blanket "jpeg
quality" does not often work well for a variety of imported images. Some
can look stunning at 30%, while others look horrible at anything less
than 90%.

Hope that helps,

Rick Turoczy
rickatdiversitycorp [dot] com / ICQ#21789721
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Subject: FLASH: BMP or JPG

A question for experienced flashers: I'm creating what will be, no
doubt, a
fairly large .swf file that will incorporate a fair number of bmp/jpg
with alpha channel fades (for a good example of what I'm doing, see
http://www.bodyofwork.com). My question is this: What's the most
way to bring in these images?

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