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Subject: FLASH: Tween Bug?
From: Byron Canfield
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 18:38:47 GMT

I have discovered what I believe to be a bug in shape tweening; that, or it
may simply be a limitation.

I set up an example of how to simulate tweening an increase of kerning by
breaking apart two text strings that have different kerning values applied
and then shape tweening between them. (This was in response to another
user's query.)

I decided to decrease the 528x60-pixel stage size to only what was needed
to display the tween (504x36), which I did by turning on the multiple frame
edit and selecting all object, and then using the inspector, moving
everything up and to the left by 12 pixels, then modifying the stage size

It would seem the mere act of reducing the stage size is causing the first
letter to shape tween improperly such that it now needs shape hints. The
results (both SWF files) can be seen at

These are identical files, in every respect, save that the objects have
been all moved up and to the left, and the stage size decreased.

On possibility is that it has something to do with the curves requiring
bezier control points (non-accessible to the user) that extend outside the
stage area. But if so, why are other letters not affected? Perhaps it's
only ones that extend outside the top and left side of the stage?
Byron Canfield, Canfield Studios (http://www.byronc.com)
President, Seattle Coreldraw Artists Network (http://www.corelsea.org)

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