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Subject: FLASH: IE 4.01 (Mac): Unable to Communicate with Flash Movie
From: Devon Girard
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 22:54:59 GMT

Hello --

The site I'm creating includes a page with VCR-like controls, programmed
with Javascript, that manipulate a flash.swf movie. I'm not using issuing
any FSCommands from the flash movie itself, and only need to use the
following functions:


The flash movie is included with the following (dynamically generated) HTML:

<EMBED NAME="swfmovie" ID="swfmovie" SRC="movie.swf" WIDTH=298 HEIGHT=323
swLiveConnect=TRUE QUALITY=autohigh PLAY=false LOOP=false>

I have tried encasing the EMBED tag with an OBJECT tag, as shown in
various technical references (on the Macromedia site, and others), and
haven't found it to make any difference -- so I left it out.

Now, on Netscape 4.x (both platforms) and IE 4.01 (Win95) everything
works perfectly. Play() and GotoFrame() work as expected. With IE 4.01
(Mac) I get a script error (very informative, I know -- but it doesn't give
my any other info) when I try to access those commands from the movie

Any ideas? Anyone else experiencing something similar?


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