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Subject: FLASH: Flash Quiz Game assistance + writing a text file to the server question?
From: McClatchey, Michael
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 19:01:22 GMT

Hi, All -

On a similar note to the Quiz Game thread (which I didn't quote because it
got too big)...

I've got a .swf file that loads in all the text content from .txt files. (I
found out in development that the syntax is different between the Player and
the browsers, BTW, and the documentation isn't necessarily correct.) It has
an editable text window for the user to make changes in. It's designed as an
online document reviewing tool for a WBT-oriented company.

My possibly dumb question is, how do I get Flash to write a file to the
server without using a CGI? Is that possible?

My company still hasn't upgraded Director to 7, or I suppose that I could
pass the text out of Flash to Director and use the File I/O extra to write
the file. That would work, wouldn't it?

Is there any way to do this in Flash? Or is there some simple way outside
Flash that I've missed?

Thanks much to all contributors - this list is a big help, bandwidth or not!

Michael McClatchey

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