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Subject: Re: FLASH: Possible Bug - Flash 5 - Authoring Mode Test Movie Only
From: Helen Triolo
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 03:07:36 GMT


I'm not sure this is relevant, but this reminds me of a conversation on
the flashcoders list yesterday about shortcut keys in test movie mode.
I'll reproduce it here in case it is relevant (and if not, please ignore

Q: What does the trap all keys that is used with the fs command do?

A: (Erica Norton, Macromedia) It allows the .swf movie to capture all
key presses while in the Stand Alone Player, Projector, and Test Movie
mode that are otherwise used as shortcut keys by these players. So, for
example the "," and "." keys in test movie mode.

Q2: I just tried:
onClipEvent (keyDown) {
fscommand ("trapallkeys", "true");
and tested the swf in the Test Movie mode. It would trace regular keys
but it did not trace "," and "." like you mentioned. Could you please
let me know what I am doing wrong? I tried putting the fscommand in the
main timeline with the same result.

A2: In test movie mode, you must also select Control > Disable Keyboard

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"McMillan, Bruce" wrote:
> I wish to report what I believe to be a 'bug' in Flash 5, in Authoring Mode
> when doing a 'Test Movie'.
> Windows NT 4, PIII 500
> Can anyone else reproduce this?
> Assigning the <Delete> key does not work when doing a 'Test Movie'.
> Possible Bug:
> 1. Place a movie clip on the Stage and name the movie clip - plane
> 2. Place a button on the stage
> 3. Select the button and then the 'Actions' panel.
> 4. Select 'On Mouse Event' from the Basic Actions group.
> 5. Deselect the default 'Release' and select 'Key Press'. With the flashing
> cursor inside the 'Key Press' box, press the 'Delete' key
> 6. Set up a tellTarget to the movie clip similar to that shown below.
> on (keyPress "<Delete>") {
> tellTarget ("_root.plane") {
> setProperty ("_root.plane", _x, getProperty ("_root.plane", _x ) +
> 3);
> }
> }
> 7. Then do a 'Test Movie'.
> Expected Result:
> Movie clip moves to the right.
> Actual Result:
> No movement.
> Substituting keys other than <Delete> work as expected.
> Background:
> I made an application in Flash 4, assigning a number of keys that worked
> fine. I did a conversion to Flash 5, wanting to incorporate a custom cursor.
> All key assignments transposed without problem except for recognition of the
> 'Delete' key as a keypress response (Authoring Mode - Test Movie). This
> tricked me, as it wasn't until I tried the swf file that everything was okay
> with the <Delete> key assignment.
> Regards, Bruce.
> > Bruce McMillan
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