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Subject: RE: FLASH: embedding flash into an email
From: John Dowdell
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 20:02:52 GMT

>> > Does anyone know anything about embedding flash into an email?
>> This is very similar to the current virus issues.
>> Recap: Anyone can push email onto you, and you can never predict the
>> recipient's state, so email should be concise and clear ASCII. For richer
>> content, it's polite to provide a link so your recipient can get this
>> bigger stuff when it's convenient for them.
> So the answer is to send HTML emails.

?? No, pushing HTML documents at people is only slightly less pushy than
pushing attachments at them...!?

(I thought "concise and clear ASCII" was, uh, concise'n'clear? ;-)

> is there a way to make the embedded images and .swfs download the
> to user's machine or do they always reside on a server?

Well, if someone can view something on their computer, that means they've
downloaded it. With a web site the visitor can choose to visit the page or
not. If someone exposes their email address to the world, though, they're
vulnerable to what people push at them. That's why email is concise and
clear ASCII, why websites can get a bit more baroque. It's also why spam
mail evokes a stronger reaction than commercial websites do. Key question:
What choice does the viewer have?


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