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Subject: Duplicating tweened symbols
From: Jay Brown
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 16:55:17 GMT

Hi all,

Say you have a symbol that is tweened. A bouncing ball that stretches at
the top of its bounce and squashes at the bottom. Works great.

Then duplicate it and change the colours in the key frames.

The motion remains, but the tweening of the shapes is gone.
Re-establishing the tweening doesn't help.

Is this a no-no? Let's say it is.

Is there a way to convert a tweened animation to a frame animation
without rebuilding from scratch? This would require Flash to interpolate
the tweened frames and from these, create individual frames.

If this is not built in, it would be a great wish item for the next

The only way I can think of to create smooth animation is to place the
tweened symbol, then duplicate and resize the original sprite frame by
frame. Finally, make this a symbol to replace the tweened version.

Any thoughts?

* jay r. brown
* content producer
* creative thinkers
* vancouver, bc
* tel: 604.731.5819
* fax: 604.731.5870
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