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Subject: Re: Scripting.FileSystemObject (was: IE4/Mac)
From: John Dowdell
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 22:50:59 GMT

At 11:45 PM 2/19/98, Aaron Salo wrote:
>I have no love for Uncle Bill, but in this case it IS a feature. By using the
>method in VBScript I can reach out and pave any file in your machine that I
>know the name of... In the case of Windoze, a fun target is always
>autoexec.bat. Or config.sys. Or use your imagination....

Well, *that* certainly caught my attention...! ;)

When I searched DejaNews with term "Scripting.FileSystemObject AND
security" I turned up a post on Feb 4 from Eric Lippert of Microsoft
Scripting who said that the File System Object needs to be explicitly
installed; that it does not ship with IE4 both for security and size
reasons. (The "Windows Scripting Host" download apparently contains this

He also said you'd need to set the IE security preferences to their lowest
settings in order to have it run. This is usually only enabled for
serverside writes, rather than clientside work.

(In other words, there's a way to overwrite files within the browser, but
you'd have to download things and explicitly give permission in order to
let a page do so.)

Is this in line with the information you have yourself? If you do see a
danger here, do you have a link to documentation on it? No reply necessary,
but if you've got further word then I'd like to investigate, thanks in


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