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Subject: Re: IE4 problems (again!)
From: Brad Bechtel
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 03:36:27 GMT

>>Oh dear oh dear. Although using IE4 on a Mac I can see other people's
>>Flash files, I can't view my own creations on my hard disk. Does anyone
>>know a good explanation for this?

I've only been able to view plugin files (whatever plugin you're using) when run through either version of the personal web server software, either the one MacOS8 installs or the one MSIE 4.0 installs.

In other words, I can view the SWF files by going to
but not by going to

And you're right, MSIE 4.0 for the Mac sucks. (Not a Macromedia opinion; strictly personal). They will be making improvements though.
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