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Subject: Re: Smart Shockwave Question
From: John Dowdell
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 20:32:38 GMT

At 11:14 AM 2/24/98, todd levin wrote:
>this may have been covered already, but does using smart shockwave bypass
>that irritating alert dialog box that IE puts up every time you attempt to
>auto-install an active-x control?

ActiveX Controls still do require permission from the user before finishing
their auto-install.

If the "irritating alert dialog" actually says something like "certificates
expired" or "Authenticode" or such, then update that older version of
IE300/Win32 to be able to use new ActiveX Controls again.

If the "irritating alert dialog" actually says something like "can't
register the OCX" then don't use your older ActiveX Controls in the same
browser session where you're trying to remove them... restart the browser
and then install components.

Smart Shockwave makes it easier to specify engines, get them to the user,
and install them, but we're still dealing with the demands of various
different browser brands, in different versions, and on different
platforms... there are still some constraints there, true.


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