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Subject: Re: FLASH: IE 4.5/Mac Standard Flash Incompatibilities
From: Erik [gearik] Mattheis
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 10:02:57 GMT

>Hi yall,
>Boy I would love to hear/see a list of all the Flash related things that do
>not work properly on Mac IE4.5 . . . it seems it does not detect correctly,
>does not support Active X and also does not load Movies at other levels
>correctly. Are these things each correct I am wondering and is there any
>thing else.

I haven't heard of the trouble with Load Movie, your other observations are
correct. Here's some more stuff:

Does not align the movie relative to other page elements correctly in most
Cannot use javascript: as the network URL
Has missed tell target actions for me in a few cases

It's only Flash related merit is that it ships with the plug-in.

I'm super-bummed that MacWorld gave it a higher rating than Nav 4.5 in the
current issue.
Erik [gearik] Mattheis
head honcho

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  Re: FLASH: IE 4.5/Mac Standard Flash Inc, Daniel Votino

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