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Subject: Re: FLASH: Query Strings in Get URL
From: Helen Triolo
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 17:09:14 GMT

adam wrote:
> In an attempt to get this query string to
> work:"main.html?it=flash&content=feedback.inc"
> I tried this:
> "main.html?it=flash&content=feedback%2Einc", which is the URLencoded
> form of your string
> And this:
> replace "." with the ASCII equivelent of . so you should find that
> the following works:
> main.html?it=flash&content=feedback.inc
> An article regarding this issue and the latest flash player:
> http://www.macromedia.com/support/flash/ts/documents/ampersand.htm has been
> helpful. However I still get browser crashes. The above article at
> Macromedia seems to shed some light on the situation, however, even after
> loading the variables to accomodate this method, NT4 and IE5 crashes.
> At present, this seems to work best:
> "main.html?it="&flash&"&content="&submit&"%2Einc"

That ampersand page you quoted above is only for getting around problems
with the r4.0.25 version of flash--is that what you're using? If your
server is set up to read asp, you could try:


If that doesn't work, I think I'm all out of ideas.

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  Re: FLASH: Query Strings in Get URL, adam

  Re: FLASH: Query Strings in Get URL, adam

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