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Subject: FLASH: RE: call syntax question
From: Neal Cabage
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 22:22:45 GMT

Could someone please clarify for me the difference between the two statements:

Set Variable: "/Database:Name" = "Franz Schubert"
Set Variable: "Database:Name" = "Franz Schubert"

It seems to me that the two should be the same ... but I'm not sure.

And here's one more from an example I was kindly sent to analyze:

"Item " & MyListBox:SelectedIndex & ": " & MyListBox:SelectedText

What is the meaning of "MyListBox"? Per the syntax above, I would presume that the movieClip that contains the variable "selectedIndex" should be named "MyListBox". Instead, I have a movie clip called "ListBox". In this example there are a couple of different "My"s where the name of the moveClip is the same without the the prepended "My". Is there some significance to this as a keyword or something?

Your help is greatly appreciated! ;-)


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