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Subject: Insanity moves in...
From: AndyA
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 01:43:46 -0000

Hey Guys,

I think I'm going insane. I'm trying to do something really simple and am
getting the same problem every time. What I'm trying to do is this:

* take a text element at 50% alpha
* tween it to 110% scale and 100% alpha
* stop
* then tween the 110% scale text back to 100% scale, 50% alpha

Dead easy huh?

Every time I do it and no matter how I do it, the following happens:

* The first tween is perfect. Nice smooth tween with the alpha and scale
changing perfectly
* the second tween never works. Either, there seems to be no tween (sudden
jump in the last frame) or the tween seems to move around on the page.

I've tried doing the second tween on separate layers. I've tried recreating
the text object from scratch for each of the keyframes and inputing the
required values. Nothing helped.

I then tried the following:

* take a text element
* scale to 150% then scale back down to 100%

SAME THING!!! The first tween works fine, nice and smooth. The second stays
at 150% until the last frame and then suddenly jumps back to 100%.

There must be something really simple I'm missing here... but I dunno what
it is

Any help would be appreciated


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