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Subject: Re: [flasher] Insanity moves in...
From: Anthony Smith
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 03:21:16 -0000

on 26/2/01 12:32 PM, AndyA at meatandya [dot] demon [dot] nl wrote:

> * take a text element
> * scale to 150% then scale back down to 100%
> SAME THING!!! The first tween works fine, nice and smooth. The second stays
> at 150% until the last frame and then suddenly jumps back to 100%.
> Argggghhh!
> There must be something really simple I'm missing here... but I dunno what
> it is

its not something simple like their two seperate movie clips or

try creating one mc of the text and just drop keyframes in and then set the
tween to motion ... instead of using create motion tween.. that can
sometimes do wacky thangs.. the other thing is make sure their not grouped
.. thats unrealiable with motion tweens also...

um.. hope that helps..

[email protected]

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