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Subject: Variable help needed: URGENTLY
From: Ian Richardson
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 12:35:54 -0000

Sorry to resend but can someone help....Please can someone help

I am creating a calcualtor style programme

i have three sets of varibales a1 to a7, b1 to b7 and s1 to s7

The user inputs the variable a1 to a7 over 7 scencs (each variable is a

The variable b1-b7 and s1-s7 are entered into the swf programme before the
user gets it. The idea is that user enters his info. then these are
calculated as follows

a2*b2 etc

the sum of these are then all added together to give a figure

at the same time

b1*s1 etc

so we come out with two figures

at the present time i cannot get the variables to work / calculate against
one another..

Please can someone asssit, i have the fla if that's any help

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