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Subject: Action scripting help in movie clips in different movies
From: Terri Lisenby
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 14:09:01 -0000

This whole concept is confusing, but please read on and I hope that I
explain it so that you guys can help.

I have a main movie (Main_present.swf) which has two blank movie clips on
the stage.
The first movie clip is named "softwareclip" and includes the action =
loadmovie ("people.swf, "softwareclip"). This part works fine.
The second movie clip is named "fullscreenclip", has no action.

My second movie is named People.swf
In this movie I have a button, which "on release" is supposed to play my
third movie "software_pe.swf". But the trick is that it has to play the 3rd
movie back on the 1st movie in the clip named "fullscreenclip". But after
the movie plays I need it to go back to the 2nd movie, just like it left it.
Confused?? So am I...This whole thing is going on a cd so I can't use
javascript and just open a new window...or can I????? Please help!!!!


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