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Subject: Linkage -> Export this symbol causes an undesireably large first keyframe
From: James Pine
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 04:13:53 -0000


My main fla has about 60 movie clips that are exported
as linkable so as to facilitate the use of the
attachMovie command. I've set this up so that the
movie clips don't have to be in separate swfs, and the
person can download them all at once and then run
through the site smoothly.

A problem I've run into is that flash seems to force
all exported movie clips to load in frame one, thus
inhibiting the use of a pre-loader. I've tried putting
a pre-loader in a scene before the main scene, and
also tried loading the main swf inside another swf,
but can't seem to be able to use the getBytesLoaded
and getBytesTotal methods to work on a loaded swf.

If anyone knows of a way around this type of problem
without changing all the exported symbols into
separate swfs and using load and unloadmovie instead
of attach and remove movie, please let me know! Thanx


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