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Subject: Re: [flasher] Re: Linkage -> Export this symbol causes an undesireably large first keyframe
From: James Pine
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 23:09:28 -0000


Thanx for getting back to me. Frames loaded would
definately work, except for the fact that the
designers I'm working with want a percentage loaded
field that constantly gets updated as the main movie

I did come up with half a solution last night. The
site is loading in frames so in the main frame we're
going to have a loading.swf with a text field for the
percent. In another frame, the main swf will load (not
visible to the viewer) and there are some javascript
snippits that will constantly check for
movie.PercentLoaded() and then update the text field
in the loading swf, in the other frame via

This works really well cross-browser... on a PC,
unfortunately, since even in IE 5 and Netscape 4.76 on
a mac with the flash 5 plugin, it doesn't appear that
one can use javascript to communicate with the flash
movie. For mac users, they see the loading swf and the
main movie loads at the appropriate time, but they get
no progress indicator (same as what would happen via
the method you described). Sigh. The wonders of
different OS's. At least I killed all the cross
browser issues (using document.flashmovie in Netscape
and just flashmovie in IE). L8r


--- Helen Triolo <designerati-technica [dot] com> wrote:
> James,
> The only way I can think of around this is to create
> a separate movie
> whose only function is to preload the main movie
> into, say, level1
> (meaning that you'd have to use _framesloaded
> instead of getBytesLoaded
> since I think the latter is reserved for movieclips,
> but I'm not
> positive -- that's just what the manual says). So:
> frame 1: loadMovie("realmovie.swf",1);
> frame 2: if (_level1._framesloaded > 1) { //
> check for externals
> loaded
> _level1.gotoAndPlay(2); //
> run actual movie
> }
> frame 2-whatever: looping preloader
> Maybe someone has come up with a better way to deal
> with this -- it
> would be great to hear if so, since it's a fact that
> all exported
> symbols (and sounds) are loaded in frame 1 (because
> Flash doesn't know
> when they'll be needed) and so this must be an issue
> for many people who
> use attached clips and sounds.
> Regards,
> Helen
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> James Pine wrote:
> >
> > Hey,
> >
> > My main fla has about 60 movie clips that are
> exported
> > as linkable so as to facilitate the use of the
> > attachMovie command. I've set this up so that the
> > movie clips don't have to be in separate swfs, and
> the
> > person can download them all at once and then run
> > through the site smoothly.
> >
> > A problem I've run into is that flash seems to
> force
> > all exported movie clips to load in frame one,
> thus
> > inhibiting the use of a pre-loader. I've tried
> putting
> > a pre-loader in a scene before the main scene, and
> > also tried loading the main swf inside another
> swf,
> > but can't seem to be able to use the
> getBytesLoaded
> > and getBytesTotal methods to work on a loaded swf.
> >
> > If anyone knows of a way around this type of
> problem
> > without changing all the exported symbols into
> > separate swfs and using load and unloadmovie
> instead
> > of attach and remove movie, please let me know!
> Thanx
> > L8r
> >
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