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Subject: RE: [flasher] Re: www.balthaser.com
From: Paul Willoughby
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 14:12:20 -0000

The first time I visited, your site detected a narrowband connection, but
I'm on a T3 (which I think is 1/2 MB). No content.
When I reloaded it recognised my broad band connection and all loaded OK
(P3, IE 5.5, NT 4.0). Maybe users should have an option on where they get
redirected if they fail your tests?
Another odd thing was when I clicked on the gallery the images didn't
appear, there were just red squares.


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> From: Michael Heliker [Michael [dot] Helikeratncrel [dot] org (mailto:Michael [dot] Helikeratncrel [dot] org)]
> Sent: 28 February 2001 13:12
> To: flasher from chinwag
> Cc: 'michaelatreydo [dot] com'
> Subject: [flasher] Re: www.balthaser.com
> I am using the same stuff. But, I get a bunch o' stuffs. You should be
> seeing something.
> you should get a black screen, but then stuff should start
> happening. i'm
> on a T1, any chance it's just loading slow?
> hth,
> michael
> ----------------------------------
> > Subject: [flasher] Re: www.balthaser.com
> >
> > I get a black screen. MacOS 9, IE5, Flash 5
> >
> >
> >

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