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Subject: Re: [flasher] Re: wireframe.za code
From: Lee Parry
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 15:40:21 -0000

The BEST thing about that site though is not the stuuuupid boring 3d stuff
(although it is pretty), the BEST thing is actually good old fashioned
design. The movement on the bottom icons, the simplicity, the colour scheme,
un-antialiased fonts, etc, etc.

I'm being abit reactionary about the 3d stuff I know, BUT I genuinely don't
think it is that which makes the site so good, they've utilised the
conventions of the computer GUI, Folders, Documents, (the icons are actually
mac are they not?), although I LOVE the isometric ball bouncing grid. But
surely that is just one movieclip used many times and arranged into that
grid. V clever i think, ALSO the little AI men, very clever with the dynamic

But then maybe people REALLY DO LIKE floating spheres attatched by single
pixel lines and manipulatable by the user.


Lee Parry
lee [dot] parryatrealworld [dot] co [dot] uk
Real World MultiMedia

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