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Subject: Re: FLASH: Systems Check: IE5b2, W95
From: Daniel Votino
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 00:20:43 GMT

>What is this????????????
>Like 100 messages a day is not enough.
>What was the point of this message?

Brian . . I notice you have sent only two one liners to the list in the last
One that says "Homesite $100" and another that says "I would suspect an
animated gif." I wonder what were the point of these? The point is, when
you submit a site someday and Bernie tells you there is problem viewing it,
wouldnt Bernie's email sure come in handy?

Some messages are worth keeping around when it comes time for beta.

Thank you for your reply Bernie. I hope that others will join in. =)
BTW Bernie . . . howz that beta treating you.
One of my guys here says it crashes all the time!?

>>1) OS: WIndows 95
>>2) Browser & Browser Version: IE5.00.0910.1309
>>3) Monitor Size: 13"
>>4) Screen Resolution: 1024 X768
>>5) Processor Speed: P266
>>6) Connection Speed: 64k

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