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Subject: Re: FLASH: Any good Flash 3 books??
From: Randy Anthony
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 06:33:40 GMT

I know what you mean Ken...
If you don't know much about ISP's and/or Servers I would suggest you stick around for
this conversation. The different "lines" mentions below and in my earlier E-Mail are
different Bandwidth lines. OC-0 being the slowest and from that scale up you go in range
from 65KBPS (thousand bits per second) up to 622MBPS (million bits per second). All make a
big difference in the way your site acts to higher traffic.
This is in a way related to Flash I will get to this in a minute. With a single OC-0
you will be pushing your system and connection with just two users on a 28.8 modem. So
say, you have a 100kb Flash movie that is downloading. It will be bottle necked from that
connection of a single OC-0. * Bottle necking refers to the connection becoming bogged
down boy thru-put (sending and receiving information).* But with just a single T-1 you
will have a bandwidth of 1.45MBPS, but this is still not enough, because we have so many
users on Cable modems and office users, ISP companies and such on T-1's and Greater
connection to the internet with these speeds. And with all this potential accessing your
file('s) your server will need a greater speed of connection to keep up. To go in to more
detail this is what the lines (I know of) are capable of transferring.
T-1 is a 1.4MPBS
T-3 is a 5MBPS
OC-1 is a 1.2MBPS
OC-3 is a 155MPBS
OC-12 is a 622 Mbps
(this is just a short list of the many lines out there)

I hope this helps anybody looking in to renting server space anytime soon. If you are drop
me a line and I can recommend to you a few servers I have used.

(sorry for the length of this, but I felt it necessary to inform this issue)

DragonFly wrote:

> Randy Anthony wrote:
> > Well in that case Natasha may be better suited for this. What kinda of lines do you
> > have coming in to your ISP, T-1's, T-3's, OC(0-5's)? The server that I currently use
> > has multiple OC3's and T-3's along with Virtual hosting capabilities. (I.E.
> > http://flash.domainname.com)
> I withdraw my email suggestion, this is a good conversation to be having in public.
> Ken

Randy Anthony
randyatgbiconstruction [dot] com
Microsoft Site Builder Level 2

Fun Things to do at Finals:
Bring things to throw at the instructor when s/he's not looking. Blame it on the person
nearest to you.

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