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Subject: Re: FLASH: lots of text = s l o w : (
From: Info
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 23:29:43 GMT

> If you're peforming movement with the tween of large blocks of text,
> there's just not much you can do about the drop in frame rate, other than
> change the quality level to "Autohigh". One thing you can do to accommodate
> that, however, is, through the use of FSCommand, toggle the quality level
> so that the AutoHigh setting is only in effect for the duration of the
> tween. The reason this may work for you is that, since the object is in
> motion, less quality is discernable. One it comes to rest, the return to
> high quality is enough to fool the human eye into thinking it was that way
> all along.
> If you are doing color effect changes, such as actual color change,
> gradients or Alpha settings, there are some workarounds taht you can do
> with masks and/or overlayed objects, such that the visual effect is there;
> it's just accomplished a different way.

no, that I could understand. I'm not actually animating the text in any way,
simply having that amount of text on a page seems to slow navigation down


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