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Subject: Dynamic masking [WAS: FLASH: how do you dynamically re-name variables ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?]
From: Christian Cook
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 14:38:55 GMT


Cheers for the response. In the end, I finally worked out that it was Eval
that I needed, and I ended up going with:

Loop While (/globals/:m > 0)
Set Variable: "/globals/:m" = /globals/:m - 1
Set Variable: "/globals/:c" = /globals/:c + 1
Set Variable: "/globals/:z" = /globals/:z + 1
Set Variable: "n" = "message"&/globals/:c
Duplicate Movie Clip ("/message", n, /globals/:z)
Set Property (n, Alpha) = "100"
Set Variable: n & ":header" = Eval ("/data:header" & /globals:c)
Set Variable: n & ":sender" = Eval ("/data:sender" & /globals:c)
Set Variable: n & ":email" = Eval ("/data:email" & /globals:c)
Set Variable: n & ":message" = Eval ("/data:message" & /globals:c)
Set Property (n, Y Position) = GetProperty (n, _y) +
(/globals/:c)*(GetProperty (n, _height) + 15)
End Loop

...which works a treat. The problem I now have is that I need to scroll the
entire bulletin board up and down and have the messages disappear behind the
limits at top and bottom. I can get the two limits to always be on top but I
want to mask the middle section so the bulletin board only shows here and
not beyond the limits. I can't use huge solid blocks as the limits to hide
them as the final result is going to be a background transparent swf. I
tried duplicating a movie clip of the mask area within the mask layer and
setting it to an extremely high z-index number, but the duplicated movie
clips that are the bulletin board messages are not masked at all when they
scroll past the limits.

Does anyone have any tips on dynamic masking?

Christian Cook
Designer, ISL
Tel: +44 (0)1372 227400
Fax: +44 (0)1372 225120
<cccatisluk [dot] com (mailto:cccatisluk [dot] com)>

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Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 10:45:04 -0600
From: Dave Hollinden <dhollindenatSonicFoundry [dot] com>
Subject: RE: FLASH: how do you dynamically re-name variables ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Since your duplicated clips all have unique names based on a number, what
you need to do is to set your header variables to values which are dependent
on their names.

So, load your bulletindata3.txt variables into a movie clip with an instance
name of Data. Then set the header variable values to:

Set Variable: "header" = "/Data/header" & GetProperty ( "", _name )

You'll need to modify this to suit your variable names, but it ought to get
you going.

Dave Hollinden
Web Design Team Lead
dhollindenatsonicfoundry [dot] com

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