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Subject: Text box's -- Flash can't manipulate more than 1000 characters
From: Nuno dos Santos
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 15:54:21 -0000

Am I crazy?

or... Are Macromédia developpers crazy?!?!

I'm developping a web site, with many, many text box's.
Each text box must have more than 1000 characters.

The Flash player can't manipulate 1 text box with more than 1000 characters.
(I'm in a Athlon 700)
The Processor Performance goes into 70% - 80% of CPU usage.

Well... When I put just 1 more text box... maybe it goes into 140% -
160%.... =)

Now, imagine 4 or 5 or more text box at the same time in the site!!!

I'm really stormed with Flash 5!!!
I'm upsated, I'm Flamegasted... Desesparated!!!

Wanna try it? wanna see your processor Jump?


Just click in "teste 123" to see it

Please some feedback!

Bye bye!

Nuno dos Santos
Designer de Multimédia

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