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Subject: Re: [flasher] Library Woes.
From: Muzak
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 23:34:40 -0000

What I usually do is name all my objects with the same starting letters, referring to their symbol behavior
mc_blah, mc_whatever, ...
btn_1, btn_2, btn_3, ...
img_something, img_iDonno,...

If you then name your folders according to that, and sort everything by name, you should be able to group them together, making it
easier to move them into the folder you want (i hope this makes sense).


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Subject: [flasher] Library Woes.

> Ok, I've had it with the Flash library. If you want to move an object to a
> folder that is not within the viewable window area, dragging it down does not
> cause the window to scroll, like it does in any other windows app. ther is
> no way to drop it onto a folder out of site. The only way to move them into
> a folder is to use the options, and that's a new folder, but if you add an
> object later, it's no good.
> Is it my computer (PC) or is it Flash and does anyone know of a workaround.
> I can't believe this doesn't drive everyone nuts.
> Andrew

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