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Subject: First time : Flash/Director Hybrid
From: Ian Richardson
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 12:20:55 -0000

I have just been asked to carry out a project to create a cd rom, the
original plan was for it to all be in Flash, but i have been asked to author
it in director, which is new to me, quick steep learning curve ...>!

The idea is this:

to have a intro (probably flash authored), which leads to a main
navigational page(director), this then forms the base for the project,
launching all other sections. in all, 4, 1 quicktime movie, 1 director
presentation, 1 flash based web site.. and the main part. A flash based
calculator,(for a new product) whereby the end user enters variables(8 in
total) which are then accumulated and then calculated against an equation to
show them what would happen if they use this product. It works on a
comparatative basis ie : this is your current price, this is what you would
spend, and the saving is therefore this....

Sorry for the detail, but i am expecting to be asking a lot of questions
over the next couple of weeks, so for anyone who may have a few moments to
pass on their wisdom, i thought it important to get things right early on..

My questions are simple:

1) any advice on planing, best practise? on working between the two
2) considerations with regard layout/ interaction?

As i understand it, director allows you to play flash movies within it, so
can/does this allow flash to still pull in the external variables... from
different files (.txt or .swf)?

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