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Subject: Extreme preload! FAST HELP NEEDED!!!
From: Ujvry, Bla Istvn
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 17:05:39 -0000

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately noone answered my desperate question, now I ask again for I need a fast answer as I have a deadline
this evening and still not found a solution.

I have three swf-s as parts of a flash game. One of them (let's call is: main.swf, 60k in size) uses exported symbols from
the other two. The thing is that main.swf seems to automatically load the other two swfs, wait for them to download and
THEN start to run. If I use a preloader in main.swf it shows only the loading of itself (60k) and then I get a blank screen
while the other two swfs download.

Now, this is the problem as these other two files accumulating over 400k in size and users might not wait for them to
download thinking that something went wrong...

How can I preload the files that I use exported symbols from?

Please help me Gods of Flash! :)


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